Automated UX-UI Testing

Test multiple variations of UI elements or customer journeys, allowing you to compare their performance and make informed decisions about which options deliver the best results and should be implemented for improved customer engagement and conversions. Adjust behavioral patterns, preferences, and decision-making processes to closely mimic real customer behavior.

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A/B Testing Software

AI Recommendation Engine

Based on the simulation results, our platform will generate a list of data-driven suggestions and insights to help you optimize your website or app.

Optimize your workflow and performance

Use these recommendations to address any identified CX-UX-UI issues, enhance the overall customer experience, and boost conversion rates.

Implement changes and monitor progress

Implement the recommended changes and optimizations, then continue to monitor the performance of your digital brand experience using our platform.


Personalized Content Creation

Generate personalized content for your website, app, or marketing materials based on the insights gathered from the virtual shopper simulations. This includes product descriptions, blog posts, or email campaigns tailored to the preferences and pain points of the target audience. Boost revenue by improving customer satisfaction and increasing the likelihood of repeat business.

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Generative AI Content Personalization Software

Scalable & Cost Effective

Deploy AI-driven virtual shoppers as a scalable and cost-effective alternative to traditional customer feedback methods like focus groups and user testing, enabling businesses to gather customer insights more efficiently and with greater depth. Easily integrate Clariview with existing marketing, CRM, and analytics tools. Streamline data collection and analysis for a more efficient workflow.

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