Aquifer is the customer data platform designed for people.

Aquifer puts people in control of their data and empowers them to monetize its value by licensing access to brands. Users can securely manage their data preferences, provide consent for its usage, and earn rewards for sharing it with trusted brands. We offer a fair and ethical data ecosystem where people are rewarded for their data contributions and brands gain access to higher levels of insights. By using generative AI and innovative machine learning algorithms, Aquifer empowers brands with high-quality, contextually relevant customer insights and intent signals that can be used to better inform marketing decisions and create dynamically personalized experiences.

Increase Consumer Trust

Show users that your brand cares about their privacy by migrating to the Aquiferâ„¢ CDP. Issue rewards immediately and engage your customers with incentives for sharing data.

Ethical Data Collection

Demonstrate to your stakeholders that the brand is committed to an Ethical AI + Data Initiative in an effort to reduce bias, decrease wasted spending, and increase profits.