Features & Benefits

Identity Resolution

Build unified single customer views and achieve greater marketing and sales efficiency.

User-Friendly Interface

You can easily modify elements within the system to create visualizations and workflows.

Sales Intelligence Suite™

Gain insights about your prospects, customers, and brand advocates to optimize revenue.

1st Party Data Modeling

Forget about 3rd party tracking restrictions. Migrate to a 1st party data solution.

Data Privacy Compliance

Easily meet GDPR, CCPA HIIPA, SOC-2, and ISO 27001 compliance with our CDP solution.

Support & Consulting

We provide dedicated technical support, and professional consultation upon request.

Personalized Brand Experiences

Increase engagement, boost conversion rates, comply with data privacy regulations, and gain strategic insights.

Customer Experience

Engage your audience when it matters most with hyper-targeted ads, and improve customer loyalty with personalized messaging.

Our awesome features
Data Management

Build user loyalty to your brand with SOC-2 and GDPR compliance. Eliminate 3rd party tracking dependencies and build 1st party data.

Our awesome features
Omnichannel Marketing

Increase productivity with our integrations suite. Engage your customers at ideal stages of the brand journey, and increase sales.

Our awesome features
Insights & Reports

Deep dive into personalized metrics for your brand, and measure critical KPIs, milestones, and access Single Customer Views (SCV).

Our awesome features

Concierge Migration Team

Take the stress out of migrating your data into ClariView™. Our concierge migration team will make the process completely seamless for you. Let's get started!

Customer Onboarding Program

A simple process that takes 1 hour, to ensure that we fully understand the scope of your needs, and provide you with detailed training resources that maximize your success.

Data Privacy & Security Verification

We conduct due diligence to ensure the appropriate level of data security compliance is achieved and maintained for your brand.

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Concierge Migration Team