Meet our RevOps AI Assistant.

Prestos™ is being developed to solve some of the complex challenges faced by businesses in today's evolving and highly competitive digital marketplace. We understand the difficulties that sales, marketing, and CX teams face when it comes to full-funnel revenue operations. Our mission is to reduce the time to value.

Prompt: Send a follow-up email to Jim about his RFP.

"Sure thing, I will prepare a draft email for Jim about the RFP based on where we are at in the sales cycle and present to you for review in 1 minute."

Prompt: Create a personalized loyalty program for Susan and push it out to her via in-app and SMS.

"Absolutely, I will work up a unique loyalty program just for her and build a content card that can be pushed via in-app notification and also send her an SMS one day after viewing."

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AI sales & marketing assistant.